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"Keeping your birdcage clean is the most effective way to prevent illness.This cage liner will simplify your cage cleaning, breathable and safe for your lovely birds."--- Thomas.J

"Available in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the right size for your cage. These sheets have super absorbent capacity. I will continue to purchase this liner, and will recommend it to everyone who owns birds."--- Ann

"Suitable for your pet birds, finches, canaries, parakeets etc. It is absolutly waterproof and creates a clean and healthy environment for your birds."--- Daniel

"I purchased 200 sheets. It is available in different sizes and shapes like Square & Round, so it is suitable for different bird cages."--- George

"Easy to clean your birdcage, keep a tidy environment for your birds. Cleaning the cage takes a fraction of the time precut sheets that lay flat without creases."--- Hannah

"We simply just got tired of storing newspapers and trying to make them fit our cages.But now we get the Ezcageliners, they are just fit perfectly and do not need to cut. The sheet materials are also good. So I like it very much."--- Susan

"It really absorbs all the smells and makes it super easy to clean. I just pull out the tray, pull up the paper and replace.they just fit my cage.
These are available in many sizes. So I found and it works fantastic! Makes my cage cleaning much easier and faster!"--- Samuel

"I was having a difficult time finding a suitable bird cage liner. I've used up my wrapping paper, and wasn't fond of using paper towels.
I measured the trays, ordered these liners. They are cut to size and fit perfectly. It's realy Very convenient."--- Catherine

"I bought Poly Coated bird cage liners. These are thin, strong white paper with a very thin poly coating on the paper to prevent moisture from penetrating the bottom liners. These cage liners are ideal for birds that tend to sit in one place for extended periods of time making it difficult for the non-coated paper to handle all the moisture."--- Robert Johnson

"These liners are available in different sizes so I don't have to cut them to size my bird's cage at all. The liners themselves keep the bottom of the cage relatively clean and it's easy to pick up, throw out and replace."--- Maria Rodriguez

"These bird cage liners are very nice.. Very good quality !"--- Michael Smith

"Very absorbent and there's no odor with these like the gravel paper I used to use. My birds have a large bowl on the bottom of their cage for their bath and they splash everywhere everything else would just soak right through and deteriorate these absorb the water and hold up so I can pick it up all in once piece unlike everything else that once it gets wet falls apart and I am taking it out of the cage."--- Henry

"The Ezcageliners absorb everything, so after it is removed, the bottom looks nice and clean." --- Olivia

"This is absolutely great. Quality is great nothing to compare with something others. My birds love it and I even more. No more dust around the house." --- Jacob Anderson

"I have been using this from last four months. I order in bulk for my bird cages. It makes for an easy quick cleanup. I just lift the cage, roll up the paper and replace." --- Juan Carlos

"These bird cage liners are exactly what I needed. They come in many sizes so that you can use one piece of paper. No more trying to find flyers and newspapers and cut/fold them to fit. They are easy to put in and to change." --- Sarah Smith

" This cage liner is very smooth and easy to use...saves a lot of time, and easy to dispose of...would buy again." --- Isabella

"I've a rounded bird cage for my bird and this liner fits great .This sheet makes my cage cleaning so much easier and I even don't mind to clean it as often as I like everyday!" --- William James

"I love this Ezcageliners product. It is much better than using newspaper. I will definitly be continuing to use this product. "--- Lorra Gomes

"I have two birds and this sheet has been very helpful to keep their cage clean. It is in a good size and doesn't have any bad odor in it. I will
buy it again."
--- Rick Morrison

"These cage liners work really well for my Parrot. These are much better than using newspaper or some other papers. You just need to peel/lift one sheet at a time . It is perfect to keep your cage clean and save lots of time."--- Maria Smith

"I have been purchasing these cage liners now and cannot think of using anything else in my bird's cage. It is also available in round shape So it fits perfect for my bird's cage."--- Sophia Grace


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