Customer Testimonials

Lasting long and fitted in the cage perfectly. Great quality and good price.

--- Maria

The liners are very nice. Keeping my bird's cage clean and healthy.

--- Rylee

Good product good price. So easy to order, just select the size and order.I will buy them again and again.

--- Natalia

These papers are much more better than using newspaper. You don't have to change it as often!

--- Emery

It's already available pre-cutted. Easy to clean bird's mess in the cage. value for money$$$

--- Mike

It's a custom liner so no worry about the size I got the perfect size liners for my pet's cage and do the cleaning greatly.

--- Kennedy

Works well. Gives the birds safe, clean and dust free environment. Price are also very low.

--- Claire

These liners are easy to use! Saves a lot of time, and is easy to dispose of. Very safe for my bird's health.

--- Paisley

keeps the cage neat and clean better than newspaper and towels. Gives the bird a safe, clean and dust free environment.

--- Hena T

Me and my birds LOVE this product. It is safe for birds' health and it makes my task so easy.

--- R. Duris

Very hygienic, biodegradable and easy to change. Superb quality and good price.

--- Alex

My bird always splits the water but this paper is highly absorbent. It gives my cage a dust free environment.

--- Ruby

Good product and perfect size. Now My bird's cage looks fresh and clean. It's a value for money.

--- Reddy

My birds get a dust free environment. The sheets are biodegradable and non-toxic , so nothing to worry about. Now Cage cleaning is totally hassle free.

--- Lisa

It is a customizable sheet, so I can order the exact size. Now I do not waste my time to cut the newspaper. Price is also very low.

--- Jene

These liners are perfectly fitted for my bird's cages. Very Good quality, and cleaning the cage so easily.

--- Danny

Timeless cleaning. My budgies like it immensely. Great Selection. Best Prices.

--- Smith

Great value for your money.They are disposable and available in many sizes to fit any sizes of cage.

--- Harry

Previous sheets were available at a high price, but this paper is available at a very low cost. Good product & perfect sizing.

--- Rachelle

Great!! The cage looks so clean and fresh. Thanks, my birds love it too, so happy!!!

--- Ingrid

They just simplify my cage cleaning and do not contain any harmful chemicals, inks, dyes etc. So my birds can stay and breathe safely.

--- Bettie

It is easy to put in my bird's cage and has a really clean look. Gives my bird a dust free environment. I will buy it again.

--- Ina

Don't waste your time to cut the newspaper, it is already pre-cut.The product is good and I'll keep using it.

--- Kathie

Pack of 200 sheets is a good deal. I bought it last month and the cage is really easy to clean for me now.

--- Eddie

These liners are the perfect size for my guinea pig cage and do a great job of absorbing the mess.

--- Amelia

These make cleaning the cage so much easier and not so expensive either. They keep smells trapped too!

--- Sophia

Easier to place in a cage as well as taking out when dirty! These liners are great, very absorbent and can be cut to the exact size you need.

--- Nikkie

Keeping bird cage bottoms clean is not an easy task! I have used Magazines, newspapers, paper towels or sacks..Etc. But when I found these I was so in!

--- Ben

These are perfect cage liners. They make cleaning easy and control order. I do not need to cut them, they are available in custom size . I won't use anything else now.

--- shella

These are quality paper liners that protect the bird's cage bottom and are beneficial to my bird's claws and beak.

--- Renee

These liners are made from a good absorbent material that doesn't get soggy when wet, making cage cleanup easily.

--- Brian

I have been using these liners for years. It was a great size, absorbent for birds and easy to replace.

--- Kim

It remained steady and unaffected by spilled water compared to other liner products that swelled a lot. Highly recommend it.

--- Sherry

I have tried many paper liners but sizes are a big matter, Now I got Ez Cage liners, Just awesome. They fitted perfectly.

--- James

I purchased Poly Coated Liners. They eliminate moisture from penetrating the bottom liners in the cage tray.

--- Connie

They just simplify my cage cleaning and promote a clean and healthy environment for my birds; keeping my bird's cage clean is the most effective way to prevent illness.

--- Anne

Won't get yucky and soggy like a newspaper. Easy to fold to fit in a cage and also available in many sizes.

--- Sarah

Good value, easy to use. Absorbs moisture and helps reduce all dust.

--- Jessica

These birdcage liners are an ideal choice for all bird's cages. They give a dust free environment for my birds.

--- Hazel

Lots of sizes are available. Very durable and absorbent.

--- Sally

The best products and really great value. My African Grey loves these liners. Will be using this liner again.

--- Zinta

I used this paper liner before and will do again and I get exactly what I ordered. I would highly recommend it.

--- Jenny

As always the quality is great at a very good price. Fabulous product for my parrots.

--- Henry

It is a biodegradable paper liner, so most important that it keeps my bird's cage clean and safe. Also the product's price is very low.

--- Gregg

Good quality, I use 60LB thick paper. Used it in the tray of my birds.

--- Taysia

I've been cutting newspaper for my odd sized bird cage. One day I used a sample sheet, then I really loved the paper sheet. Now I can't think about it.

--- Miley

They are a good fit for my bird's cage- easy to change- neither bird tried to shred them like newspapers.

--- Jinia

They are soooo easy to use! ..saves a lot of time, and easy to dispose. Perfect fit...

--- Doly

My bird loves these paper! They are easy to put in and to change. My bird gets a dust free environment.

--- Belen

These bird cage liners are exactly what I needed. They are biodegradable and non-toxic paper. They come in many sizes so no worry!!

--- Louis

These sheets are absorbent and easy to handle without feeling gross. This is a great disposable and custome birdcage liner.

--- Philip

An Amazing Value Pack Of cage liners for my Birds Cage. This paper is made high quality material for birds Safe And Clean Use.

--- Lucas

It absorbs water quickly, eco-friendly and gives a dust-free cage. Highly recommended!

--- Vicky

There are a variety of sizes, so no need to cut. Easy to replace, clean and hygienic, suitable for all kinds of small birds and small animals.

--- Daniel

I like it so far it was easy to put on my birds cage has a really clean look. The best bird cage liners ever!

--- Zukel

They are very wet resistant. It only takes a few minutes to clean the cage. Great product.

--- Aliece

Nothing could be easier. Great quality and good price.

--- Rayan

I love this. Makes cleaning the cage quick and effortless! They fit perfectly and are very durable.

--- Nicholas

It is stronger and softer than newspapers, does not contain harmful ingredients, and is not easy to tear, providing a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for my birds.

--- Sanddy

It protects the bird's health. very easy to dispose of and waterproof paper so the cage bottom is always clean.

--- Alex

Liners are durable and fit the cage perfectly. Great quality and good price.

--- Liam

They fit perfectly in the bird cage and make clean up a breeze. I will definitely be ordering more!!!

--- Kaylee

A lifesaver It's already available pre-cutted.Easy to clean off a lot of mess.

--- James

Keeping my bird cage clean and healthy.I absolutely love my bird cage tray liners.

--- Jade

They haven't got a scent which is good. Good product good price.

--- Lucas

They are absorbent which keeps the cage dry.So easy to order, just select the size and order.They are so inexpensive.

--- Maya

Great size and absorbent.I will buy them again and again.

--- Naomi

Easy to change keeps cage neat better than paper towels. Makes cleaning the bird cage easy!

--- Lucy

I had been using newspaper and this is so much better. You don't have to change it as often!

--- Isla

These bird cage liners are very nice.. Very good quality ! Cage cleaning is a breeze now!

--- Stella

I got the perfect size liners for my pet's cage and do a great job of absorbing the mess.

--- Lily

Love the way they lay. Works well. Gives the birs safe, clean, dust free environment.

--- Riley

This product makes cleaning the cage a lot easier! Keeps the cage dust free and is drier.

--- Nora

Very much easier clean up than news paper. Super hygienic, biodegradable and easy to change.

--- Raju

They make cleaning cages a breeze, so simple. We LOVE this product & we are SO HAPPY!!!

--- Rony

This item does a great job in bird cages and you no need to cut to fit them. The quality of the material is superb!!

--- Grace

It fits in my cage perfectly and very effective, absorbant!!! Very safe for birds!!!

--- Harper

Good quality liner. These liners are quite big and VERY absorbent.

--- Mia

The liners themselves keep the bottom of the cage relatively clean and it's easy to pick up, throw out and replace.

--- Gianna

I use this for my little birds cage. Cleaning use to be so messy and time consuming but now its a breeze

--- Amelia

This liner is available in various size, so you can order as per your cage size.

--- Sophia

I used the free sample before. I just loved it, then I purchased the liners in bulk.

--- Nick

Totaly dependable on your work and also for this environment. No need to cut the papers, It is already custom liners.

--- Robert

I truly love this. So cheap and Works well and has an easier clean up. Give your birds dust free environment.

--- Dan

If you have a bird there must have liners for the bottom and this liner is highly recommended.

--- Fola

I use them on my guinea pig and hamster cages, most important is they do not chew them. Totaly dust free cleaning.

--- Jodi

These are perfect cage liners. They make cleaning easy and absorbent which keeps the cage dry.

--- Sally

I used newsprint to line my birds cages. Now I use these Cage liners. These are specifically made for use with pet birds do not contain toxic additives. Great !!!

--- Mita

I have a large round cage I ordered poly coated sheets and it works very well. The product is of good quality. Low in price. Saved lots of my money.

--- Buckle

Makes cleaning the cage quick and effortless! The liners white color is also great to make the cage looks clean.

--- Kathy

Great quality and good price. I am very pleased with them and would not even attempt to use anything else.

--- Noah

They are very durable. I am able to clean the surface and flip it over to use the other side. It holds up well to water spills and seeds that the birds drop on it.

--- Charlotte

I use the Ezcage liners that fit perfectly. They are not so thick or so thin and wet resistant. Just choose the exact size you need that's it!!!

--- Sophia

These are disposable. While cleaning the cage, its super easy to take out just to put another one in the cage and these liners provide dust free environment to the birds cage.

--- James

I used them for my quaker. I might be hesitant to use these for my birds because I afraid of them swallowing that material. But these liners are very safe for the pet birds.

--- Mason

They keep the cage clean. The size was also perfect. But if they come in bulk pack that will more convinient.

--- Abrina

These cage liners for birds are a safe, efficient, and sanitary way to keep my small pet's cage clean. They are easy to use and fits perfectly."

--- Emily

I have a large hexagon cage so I use 2 rounded sheets and they fit perfectly in the bottom of the cage and make clean up a breeze. I will definitely be ordering more!!!

--- Lizzy

keeping bird cage clean is the most effective way to prevent disease. They fit well and are very durable. Very safe for birds and keep the environment dust free.

--- Laura

Simply place the liner into the tray of the bird cage and it will collect any dirt that occurs during use. When it comes to cleaning time simply dispose of the liner and the tray will wipe clean with ease.

--- Clare

I use it for my guinea pig cage. I do have to tape them down or they will shred them. I use masking tape which Ive learned is safe.I truly love this. So cheap and easy.

--- Momsboy

These liners are not so expensive and shipping is free so I buy them twice a month so it's no bother.Also they are very absorbent and perfect size for my bird cage.

--- Suzzy

I need 28.5" x 29.5 size paper. Before I purchase Ezcageliners my bird cage required two sheets to cover most of the cage bottom, but it works! They come in vaious sizes. It needs to change about once a week.

--- Jojo

They are absorbent which keeps the cage dry. Easy to size, reduces odor, makes clean up a lot easier, and I like that they are affordable!

--- Pinkie

These liners are great, very absorbent and can be cut to the exact size you need. I purchase poly coated sheets, it is also healthy and does not contains any harmful chemical.

--- Nayomi

Earlier I have used Magazines, newspapers, paper towels etc. for keep the cage clean but it is not a easy task. But when I found these I was so in! It is environ friendly and very safe for the birds.

--- J. Cindy

The liners are ideal for the cage. They are precut rounded so perfectly fit for my rounded cage and available in many sizes."

--- Disha

Clean up and putting back together are so easy . Even my Gramma who has troubles with her hands can change her bird cage with ease .

--- Lori

I purchased these liners for my parakeets. These liners are absorbent and easy to use! You can fold them to fit the cage.

--- Deborah

I absolutely love these liners. They fit perfectly in the bottom of the cage and make clean up a breeze. I will definitely be ordering more!!!

--- Rishita

Absorbs moisture and helps reduce odors. A comfortable habitat for my bird leak-proof liners bottom keep the cage's tray clean and dry.

--- Angela

The weight is perfect so each sheet lies flat. They just simplify my cage cleaning and papers are biodegradable, so safe and breathable for my lovely birds.

--- Rony

These wax coated round precut liners saved so much time! Also very easy dispose of.

--- Samaira

These liners provide my birds a safe, clean, dust free environment . It is disposable, so great for travel or short time drive for my birds. I'll buy again.

--- Denice

I use it in my bird's cage + carrier. I have two parrots this has been very helpful in keeping their cage clean.Last for a long time good price I will be ordering another package.

--- Viktor

I use these for my bunny's cage. It is available in a good size and doesn't have any additional odor to it. I will buy it again.

--- Monica

These are disposable. They just simplify my cage cleaning and promote a clean and healthy environment for my birds. These are customizable so no ussues for size.

--- Rusty

I got a free sample to use, then I realy like the product and purchased them. These papers are biodegradable and do not contains any harmful chemicals.So easy to roll up and toss.

--- Brad

These are easy to use and make clean up easier and very safe for birds and animals. I also get many size option . Great!

--- Susy

The liners last a week or a half week, depending on how dirty my bird makes it. It absorbs very nicely. It works better than newspaper.

--- Jeannette

I used these in my bird's cages. Wow, what a difference over using paper towels. They really hold a lot and make the clean up so much easier! Works very well.

--- Andrea

I put it underneath my Hedgehogs cage. It soaks up the urine without going threw. Makes my cage cleaning much easier and faster!Wonderful paper liners!

--- Adam

No leak through and easy to use. They are cheaper good value for the money.

--- Rusha

They are a nice large size. These are great, they catch the mess are so easy to change. We have a large cage, so highly recommend them for large cages.

--- Karen

They might work for some small animals, but I bought them to put under shredding in a guinea pig cage. It really absorbs all the dust and makes it super easy to clean. this is amazing!


This is the BEST bird cage paper I have ever had and my Parrot is 31! I always want this type custom paper for my bird gage.

--- Yadira

I was impressed with the quality of the liners. One small problem that my cage is long type so I trim side and tape to make longer. Very absorbent and hygienic.

--- Daisy

Super absorbent, great cage cleaner, I use it under a round cage bottom. It is disposable so very safe for my birds.

--- Monica

I only have one macaw so I use 2 shets and only need to change the liner every couple of days unless hes being super messy. But it provides absolutely dust free environment. Totally worth it.

--- Chery

Makes clean the cage much easier fits nicely. Much more economical than the other brand.

--- Romana